Everyone here puts the most beautiful things about them and their great valiant ideals, in the end it turns out that they are all false hypocrites, the good face, the good mask to make a good impression in front of others.
The truth is that we are two friends tired of being exploited and poor, we don't have much financial potential, one of the few things other than food, healthcare and drugs that is easily sold, is loneliness, the loneliness of a world more connected than ever, or increasingly divided.
Applications for meetings and new acquaintances are easy for us, we are two programmers, producing the product only costs us our time, we don't need large financial resources and finally it is much easier to advertise than other things.
Loneliness, especially male loneliness, makes money and sells itself. The other applications around are full of advertising, subscriptions, or scams of various kinds, we don't need to be millionaires or compete with Tinder or who knows who, we simply need to do enough to stop living like miserable people crushed by corrupt politicians and incompetent.
We will try not to fill the app with advertising, obviously we don't even have all this great finances and the servers are not paid with smiles and hugs.
If you are reading this section, and you feel alone, you feel obliged to use online apps to make acquaintances, we can tell you one thing: it is not the solution that will solve your problems.
The solution is to get off your ass and try to improve your life, you don't need to do it all at once, even small steps like us, over time make the difference, developing all this took us five times as long as it would have taken us for depression, but piece by piece we succeeded. This was our bet to slightly improve our lives, even if it is counterproductive to say it, wasting time on our App or on others, paying premiums or something else, will not make the difference, only you will make the difference. We got off our asses and got this product out against all odds, under the greatest of odds, and we thank you for taking the time to use it or even watching an ad for giving us a half cent.
This is the truth, we are not here to change the world or cure the world of hunger, because we wouldn't be the best people to do it either, more competent people should. This is the truth, we created the app because it was the best investment choice for our provisions, because we want to do what is enough to make our lives better.
Also because my friend hasn't seen girls for 5 years and he's tired of paying for Tinder, so by creating this App at least he can use it for free :)
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